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NOTE: Select District for Traffic Tickets (Infractions)
NOTE: Select Criminal for Traffic Tickets (Infractions)

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Court Dates by Name ResultsWe launched Court Dates North Carolina (NC) to aid the public to easily answer queries like "When is my Court Date in Dare County?", "Dare County NC Court Dates" and "Dare County NC Court Dates by name."

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I missed my court date in Dare County? What do I do?

First, search for your Dare county court dates by name and verify when your court date.

If you've missed your court date, don't stress out. Take action by contacting the court clerk's office in Dare county where you missed your appearance. They can guide you through the process of rescheduling your case. It's also a good idea to reach out to your attorney if you have one.

But remember, missing court in Dare County can have serious consequences. You could face additional fees and even a warrant for your arrest. For traffic offenses, your driver's license might be revoked, and you could incur extra fees to reinstate it. Plus, any bail you posted could be forfeited.

To navigate these tricky waters and understand your rights, consider consulting a knowledgeable attorney. They can provide guidance tailored to your situation and help you take the next steps. Don't let a missed court date cause further complications—act promptly to address the issue.

Dare County North Carolina Courthouse Location

After you find you court date by name and what your court date is, you'll need to know what the Dare County Justice Center is located.

Dare County Justice Center

Dare County Justice Center

962 Marshall Collins Drive
Manteo, NC 27954

(252) 475-5200

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Lookup Your Dare County North Carolina Court Date FAQs

We hope you have found an answer to your question about easily finding your court date in Dare County North Carolina Courts.

  • Traffic Ticket / Infraction - Select District Court Type and Criminal Case Type.
  • Misdemeanors - Select District Court Type and Criminal Case Type.
  • Infractions (non-jury) - Select District Court Type and Criminal Case Type.
  • All felony criminal cases - Select Superior Court Type and Criminal Case Type.
  • Misdemeanor and infraction appeals from the district court - Select Superior Court Type and Criminal Case Type.
  • Divorce - Select District Court Type and Civil Case Type.
  • Child Custody - Select District Court Type and Civil Case Type.
  • Child Support - Select District Court Type and Civil Case Type.
  • Civil Cases involving less than $25,000 - Select District Court Type and Civil Case Type.
  • Civil cases involving more than $25,000 - Select Superior Court Type and Civil Case Type.

The court terminology we use are:

Who are you?:

  • Plantiff is a person who files a lawsuit.
  • Defendant is a person that a lawsuit is filed against.

Court Types:

  • District courts hold trials and select juries to figure out what really happened in certain cases. They deal with important, yet less severe crimes, and civil disputes ranging from $10,000 to $25,000.
  • Superior courts hear cases involving felony crimes, civil cases involving $25,000 or more, and appeals from district courts.

Case Types:

  • Criminal Cases is when someone is accused by the government of breaking the law, it becomes a criminal case. These cases can vary widely, from small violations where the person might just have to pay a fine, to serious felonies where the person could end up serving a year or more in prison.
  • Civil Cases is when someone asks the court to protect their private rights or to get a civil solution. This happens when one person sues another, either for money or to get a court order against them. Examples of civil cases include family matters, contract disagreements, and personal injury claims.

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